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Russell Hammel

HamelBros Auto Body & Service

"I attended a seminar that Bill was going to be speaking at because I heard “He is The Guy”. I contacted Bill the following day and received his immediate response. He has lived up to EVERY promise that he has made and then some. Knowledgeable, efficient and very easy to communicate with are just some of the qualities that I have found in him. I would highly recommend him and would give 6 stars if it were an option!"

Tom Ricci

Body & Paint Center of Hudson

"BLOWN AWAY! That’s how I would describe the working relationship we’ve had with Bill since the inception of the website. BUT it didn’t stop there, we have now moved way beyond with social media presence, Facebook, Yelp, Google reviews, Mobile friendly website… Can’t wait to see what’s next! Bill takes the time with every endeavor to explain in “English” what we are working together to accomplish. Thanks Bill"